Hey Y'all

Well, thank you for stopping by even if it just to take a look around. 

I am a southern born + raised so that means I have a heart of gold and most will tell you this exact statement {while some may not}. I am stuck for the time in flat land Ohio, but I love to travel and sight see- so, you probably will see me on the go a lot. 

Just like most photographers will say, "I have always had a camera in my hand" or "I have always enjoyed taking pictures"- while all things are true, I just simply love to create things others aren't daring to accomplish. I have a past love hate with film from the good old high school days, but recently in the last decade switched to digital. 

I am constantly learning and bettering myself and business to take care of my clients and give them the best keepsakes to hold on to.

When it is not all business talk and I am not being windswept to new locations, I am at home snuggling with my better halves. I have a loving husband who supports me in so many ways and a little mini that calls me mom. 

Or you can find me at a Mexican joint dinning down on some chips and salsa!

Owner & Photographer 
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Wedding + Lifestyle Photographer

 Ohio (based) + Southern + East Coast

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